GB1 GameBird portrait
Powerplant Spring Steel Landing Gear Baggage Compartment Front Windshield Landing and recognition lights Low Speed Controllability Electric Smoke Refill Carbon Fiber Fuselage Canopy Single Seat Canopy Wing Construction


The GB1 GameBird is powered by a Lycoming AEIO 580 B1A, producing over 300hp. A carbon fiber cooling plenum paired with a SkyDynamics 3in1 exhaust completes the package.

Spring Steel Landing Gear

The spring steel landing gear legs are outfitted with aerodynamic fairings. The breather line is concealed in the right hand leg fairing which helps to keep the belly of your GB1 clean.

Baggage Compartment

The GB1 GameBird's baggage compartment holds up to 33lbs and is easily accessible via the door on the left side of the aircraft.

Front Windshield

The front windshield is separate from the canopy, enhancing passenger and pilot protection.

Landing and recognition lights

See and be seen. Wingtip navigation and strobe lights, as well as wing mounted landing and taxi lights are standard equipment on each GB1 GameBird

Low Speed Controllability

The GB1 GameBird offers excellent controllability from almost zero to VNE. Maximum speed for full deflection and snap rolls is 175 kts.

Electric Smoke Refill

An electric pump and external port allows for mess free refilling of the GB1 GameBird's smoke tank.

Carbon Fiber Fuselage

The carbon fiber monococque fuselage structure is designed, tested and certified for maximum strength and occupant protection.


The canopy of the GB1 GameBird is a composed of a tinted acrylic glass that absorbs harmful UV rays.

Single Seat Canopy

An optional single seat canopy is available for your GB1 GameBird.

Wing Construction

The GB1 GameBird features a 2-piece wing with each half weighing only 80lbs / 40kg. The light weight and construction design simplifies disassembly for shipping. Each wing has a 28 gallon fuel tank, helping to give the GB1 GameBird its astonishing range. The spadeless ailerons are certified for full deflection up to 235 kts.