Configure Your GB1 GameBird

Configure Your GB1 GameBird

The GB1 GameBird’s standard equipment is anything but standard.

  • 2-seat canopy.
  • Landing/recognition lights in both wingtips.
  • Ultraleather seat cushions and side panels. Choice of 3 colors and any color top stitching.
  • Cockpit heater.
  • Smoke system.
  • External power/Jump start plug (Piper style.)
  • Choice of 4 factory paint schemes with 50+ color options.
  • Hooker Harness double seatbelts with gel pads. Choice of 15 colors.
  • Jack pad for tire changes.
  • Taxi camera.

  • 10.6″ Garmin G3X touch, GDU 460 in rear cockpit
  • 10.6″ Garmin G3X touch, GDU 465 in front cockpit
  • Garmin GTR 225A VHF in rear cockpit
  • Garmin GTX 345 XPDR in rear cockpit
  • Mechanical ASI and altimeter in rear cockpit
  • Accelerometer in rear cockpit
  • Fire extinguisher in rear cockpit
  • ELT with remote switch in rear cockpit
  • Dual USB-C plugs in both cockpits
  • Dual male and panel powered Bose LEMO plugs in both cockpits. 
  • Integrated Go-Pro style camera mounts in both wingtips (one mount included, two bases installed)

Our range of upgrades and options will make your GB1 GameBird your own. 


Thank you. If you would like to discuss ordering your GB1 GameBird please email us at

Your GB1 GameBird

Make it yours. The GB1 GameBird is the world's finest aerobatic airplane. Our team is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled ownership experience. The steps ahead will allow you to customize your GB1 GameBird with a range of features and options enjoyed by GameBird pilots around the world. Please note that we are currently taking orders for 2024 model year GameBird GB1s.

GB1 GameBird : $607,700

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Two Place Canopy : $0

The GB1 GameBird comes standard with a two place canopy.

Single Place Canopy : $23,970

Receive a single place canopy in addition to the standard two-seat canopy.

Shipping box for single seat canopy.

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Each factory standard scheme may be customized with your own color choices. Contact our sales team if you would like a full custom design for your GB1 GameBird.


Design my own custom scheme

Contact our sales team for pricing on custom schemes. Minimum charge of $8,000 applies.

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Seatbelt Style

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Additional Options

Fly with perfection with an aerobatic sighting mounted to each wingtip.

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Transport and Shipping

Game Composites can prepare and pack your GB1 GameBird for shipment to you. Shipping includes airplane disassembly, jigs, loading the aircraft on transport jigs, and freight loading. The customer is responsible for all shipping arrangements with a freight forwarder.

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Select Back Rest Cushion Thickness

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Cameras and Mounts

Camera mount kit includes three extra bases for the tail, front windshield, rear canopy, and one additional mount.

Integrated Camera Mounts : $1,350

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GB1 GameBird Type Training

Game Composites has developed a 10-hour course designed to introduce each owner to their new GB1 GameBird and provide them with the experience they will need to fly the airplane safely and with confidence.

10-Hour Type Training Course : $0

10 hrs of Type Training for one pilot are included in the purchase price.

The course includes:

AFM familiarization

Pre-flight checks

Ground handling

Cockpit and avionics familiarization

General handling and introduction to basic aerobatic maneuvers, including spin recovery

Take-offs and landings

Emergency procedures

Additional hours of instruction are available for $550/hr

Flight training is included in the purchase price only for US customers.

For international type training, please contact your local agent.

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Game Composites will assign a registration number to your aircraft. If you already have a registration number assigned to you, you must relinquish it to Game Composites no earlier than 6 months prior to delivery. If you wish to reserve a registration number not already assigned to you, please contact your sales representative. Game Composites will reserve that number for your aircraft. We do not advise you to reserve your own number at time of purchase, then relinquish it to Game Composites since the FAA may not process the request in time for delivery

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New for 2024 models, all GameBird GB1's will feature 10.6" Garmin G3X avionics packages in the front and rear cockpits. You may opt to add a secondary VHF radio as well as XM radio.

GTR20 and GMA245R. This option must be selected in order to include the optional XM radio.

Factory installed 2-axis autopilot. GMC 507 controller with GSA 28 servos for pitch and roll.

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Final cost

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Your GB1 GameBird

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