Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training

Learn from the people who built your GB1 GameBird.

The team at Game Composites provides in-house training for qualified A&P technicians that will be looking after your GB1 GameBird. 

Basic Maintenance Course

  • Use of GB1 GameBird Maintenance Manual
  • Use of required equipment and tools
  • Exemplary 50 hour inspection
  • Exemplary 100 hour inspection
  • Paint service
  • Canopy glass service
  • Software upgrade of avionics

Optional Training

  • Preparing airplane for shipping
  • Removing propeller to ship for inspection
  • Load airplane for shipping
  • Unpacking, inspection
  • Reassembly after shipping
  • Return to service after shipping

Game Composites trains qualified individuals in maintenace practices specific for the GB1 GameBird. All participants must hold an FAA A&P certification prior to factory training with Game Composites.

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